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Andy Wright (Maggot) Bob Dumbell Simon Rolfe Ron (Fork Lift) Cooper “Swing” Swingler Paul Kay Paul Kay Jon Howell Jon Howell Al Baker Steve Oliver Paul Hughes Paul Hughes Mick Leeson Gary Drew Phil Pritchard Ben ? Max Norman Sean Williams Ron Askew Mick Harley Mick Harley Baz Norwood Jim Pearson Eddie ? Pat Gibson Pat Gibson Pat Gibson Ray Binfield Graham Lowe Dave Guest Andy Palmer John Moore Craig Gregory Craig Gregory Rod Cole Bob Forster John Bellsmith Graham Robley Bill 'Screaming Skull' Williams Bill 'Screaming Skull' Williams Ivor Gomm Ian Corben Colin Gibbard Colin Gibbard Eddie McClure Eddie McClure Eddie McClure David Lowe David Lowe David Lowe David Lowe Barry Doy Andy DeWitt Andy DeWitt Simon Goozee John Smith John Thompson John Batchelor John Batchelor Neil Shannon Neil Shannon Wally Wareham Mick Thyme Nigel Scoines Gordon Will Gordon Will Kim Hubbard Kim Hubbard Owl Hurst Owl Hurst Kim Hubbard Kim Hubbard Tex Waite click to see more Squadron photos click to see more Squadron photos click to see more Squadron photos Bob Pascoe Bob Pascoe Tim (Barney) Wright Steve Cowton John Orme John Orme Dennis Grogan Dennis Grogan Dennis Grogan Hughie Devine Jim Sooi Fred Azhar John Orme Brian Brimmell Dave Blogg Craig Bowring John Rapley Sean Williams Sean Williams Dave 'Scotty' Scott Tony 'Strangepork' Roberts Alistair Mitchelhill Graham Lowe Bill Hadris Bill Hadris Vaughan Ordish Vaughan Ordish Dave 'Monty' Cowton Dave 'Monty' Cowton Pete Blackmore Owl Hurst Trevor Brown Steve Satchwell Steve Satchwell Pete Thompson Andy Willerton Joe Tittle David Jones Dick Brocklehurst Phil Jones Keith Alderson Steve Stride Bob Middleton Bob Middleton Bob Middleton Kev Lester Kev Lester Kev Lester Ray Hall Click to see list of names tagged so far Chris Hughes click to see more Squadron photos
RSS RAF Abingdon September 1983 (click here to see more Squadron photos)
If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then I'd love to hear from you !

To anyone who knew him Gordon Guest died on November 27th of a large and unexpected heart attack.
He was 66. He served at RAF ABINGDON, between 83/84 and 90
There will be a memorial service on Saturday 6th December 2014 at Brecon Cathedral, 14:00.
Anyone who knew him is very welcome to attend.

further details are available from his son Bryan Guest

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LAST UPDATED 27th November 2015

Hi I'm Dave Cowton known to many of my RAF compatriots as 'Monty', a nickname which originated from trade training days at RAF Halton (January to September 1977) when I had a tendency for spouting endless monologues and diatribes from the well known Flying Circus!, especially after several beers........not that I used to drink much in those days - I used to spill most of it.
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I was contacted by David Jones, whom I had served with at RAF Halton & RAF Abingdon and who had stumbled across my Family History website. He sent me the squadron picture shown above, taken at RAF Abingdon during 'Battle Of Britain week' September 1983, asking if I could identify any of the bods on it and I thought 'Why not post it on my website and see if anybody finds it ?'

So that's basically what this little subsite of my main site is about. If you know me from any of the above listed postings, or if you have any info about anyone that I may know, or if you can put names to any of the bods in the photo or if you want to contact me for any reason connected with my RAF service please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can e-mail me by clicking on the button labelled 'Contact Us' below, or send a friend request on Facebook here

Clicking on any of the orange coloured banners at the top of the page will take you to a page dedicated to that particular posting, where I will endeavour to post any relevent pictures, info and contacts that I have or that people may send to me. I would be very grateful to receive any photos or documents that may be of interest.

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